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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the frequent questions we get at Community.  Hopefully your question will be among these.  If not, why not send us an email with your questions?  Thanks!

Q: What will it be like if I visit this church?
A: Don't worry.  We don't do anything that will make you uncomfortable or single you out.  We won't publicly ask you to do anything.  In fact, we'll just say "hi" and welcome you to our worship and then give you the privacy that you probably would want.   We sing newer Christian songs accompanied by guitars, keyboard, drums, and other instruments.  We share communion together each Sunday and if you are a believer we invite you to share this part of the service with us.  Pastor Dan speaks about key biblical principles which are relevant to the issues we all face in life.  And the worship time is closed with a final song by the Praise Team.  We would love if you filled out a Contact Card to let us know about your experiences, but that's completely optional.

Q: Is this a non-denominational church?
A: These days "non-denominational" seems to be more of a marketing strategy to attract members from other churches than what it used to mean, a church without relationship to the established mainline denominations of America.  Every congregation in the Christian Church is totally autonomous.  We have no national governing body or denominational headquarters.  Of course, with 6,000+ churches, a sizeable number of colleges and seminaries, and mission points all over the world, we are clearly part of a large movement which seeks to be nothing more than Christians only, but not the only Christians!  While every church is completely free to make its own decisions, it is amazing the spirit of unity we have between our congregations! 

Q: How do I become a member of Community?
A: At Community, membership is open to all immersed believers in Jesus.  If you are already immersed, and understand its importance, nothing more is required but your public acknowledgement that you wish to become a member at Community.  This is usually done at the close of any service.  We ask you to come forward and let Pastor Dan introduce you to the congregation.  It's just that simple.  We don't ask you to do anything that Jesus hasn't asked you to do to become a Christian!  If you are not immersed, we would be happy to meet with you and set up a time when you may be immersed at your convenience.

Q: Why don't you accept other forms of baptism?
A: One of our core values is the authority of the New Testament for our congregation.  In the New Testament, the only form of baptism is immersion.  Sprinkling, pouring and other forms of baptism come later in the history of the church.  Whether they are "just as good" as immersion is certainly God's choice, but at Community we find it much simpler to just follow the example of the New Testament.

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